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HULI CAM: BUGBOG Ang Inabot Ng Isang Lalaking Nagtangkang Magnakaw!

KARMA Story – While scrolling my Facebook account on my phone during my leisure time, this video has caught me into shock and I was totally disappointed how humans nowadays dare to do bad things even in the daylight, wide open!

Under the scorching heat of the sun along the serene narrow road, this guy dares to steal something without even realizing that he could easily be caught at any time. And as unlucky he was, he got something worse than being spotted in the CCTV. Someone busted his stealing scheme and reported the incident immediately to the owner, and there the unexpected story of ‘karma’ happened just right away!

The guy actually tried to escape when he rode back on the motorcycle, but sad to say he wasn’t able to do so because the key was already kept in the hands of the good Samaritan. You can notice on the video that when the guy was trying to steal somewhat like a bird inside the cage, his red helmet somehow did some little help to protect his face and head from the continuous punches of the man. He was dragged down and was brought inside the store where he continued to receive punches from the owner.

But whatever the reasons behind his action, this guy really needs more time reading the Bible and has to get something new lesson to learn – Thou shall not steal, brother! But even without reading the Bible, he himself should know how to live like a good man. Good manners can be learned as early as when we are still young.

Please watch the video below:

The video draws too much attention from the netizens or online viewers and has gained different reactions and comments since this was uploaded on the Philippines CCTV & DASH CAM Spotted Facebook page.