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Sa Sobrang Pagmamahal Sa Motorcycle, Isinama Sa Hukay! [WATCH]

While browsing on the internet earlier this day, I came across seeing this very strange way of burying the body of a dead person into the ground along with his motorcycle. As weird as we know it, some people indeed ask us request something in their burial especially when it comes to the arrangement before they die – perhaps as part of their tradition or probably we say it our habitual burial arrangement.

One of the common practices I have known about and is what we usually do in our place is burying the dead body along with his/her clothes and other common properties as just to pay high respect to the dead person. And now, I find this one a something very, very strange of them all that I have ever heard so far.

Because of too much love to his motorcycle, the video shows it was also buried on his gravesite just beside his wood coffin into the ground. The video was uploaded in The News Journal Facebook Page and this is making every viewer pretty shock. This funeral act is indeed far from the traditional burial practices.  Despite of the lack of space, the men were able to position the motorcycle beside the coffin.

The main reason behind this burial practice of the person’s remains is still unknown to me, but this is probably something requested by the dead man prior to his death. How touching story it is – it’s like wish has been granted even to his death!

Within 24 hours since it was uploaded, the video gains around 69K views and has been shared by many Facebook users. This strange videotape of funeral arrangement continues to draw different reactions from the viewers, while some are expressing their comments in a way of joke.

One of the commenters said as a joke that the family members should take heed of the person’s grave because the motorcycle might be stolen anytime. Lol

“Bantayan niyo, baka hukayin yan ng Kawatan ng motorcycle,” commenter said.