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Disneyland LIKE Amusement Park Built In The Philippines Left Abandon [VIDEO]

A Japanese businessman built an amusement park in the Philippines to rival Disneyland but the business man abandoned the fantasy world due to financial problems.

Disneyland is definitely the best amusement park for children. Even as we grow old, we still enjoy visiting the fantastic place, reminding us of our happy childhood. Disneyland draws many tourists; it is undeniable that the amusement park has been making big money out of it. In an attempt to ‘replicate’ or ‘rival’ Disneyland, a Japanese businessman tried to build a ‘Fantasy World’ in the Philippines. Unfortunately, he ran out of money and had to stop construction.

Four hours from Manila, the amusement park is located in Barangay Mayasang in Lemery Batangas. It still allows tourists to enter and look at the majestic park. The lowest entrance fee would be $20 (P1000) which is enough for ten people. Everyone can go in and feel free to look around.

Colorful, medieval-themed buildings were towered over the abandoned park. Tree houses with bridges were connecting them, seems to bring back childhood memories. It could have been amazing if it was finished! However, the Japanese owner had ran out of money, and was not able to continue the construction.

One of the towers in the city square overlooks beautiful Tagaytay. Tourists will be able to see unfinished rides as well, like one Ferris wheel.

Check the video below, you might appreciate the beauty of the abandoned Disney World of the Philippines and visit the place one of these days!