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Driver Nag CounterFlow At Siningitan Pa Ang POLICE Mobile, Huli On Cam [WATCH]

While all of the vehicle drivers in Philippines are completely taught about the proper ways in driving before they are issued with the license, there are still some people who would dare to violate the safe rules and policies implemented by our respective governing agencies, especially the issue in counterflow lane. And it is widely evident as crystal clear. We can hear issues like these in television, news and even in online social media.

This video uploaded in the Philippines CCTV & DASH CAM Spotted Facebook Page in January 5 this year shows the man caught by a Traffic Management Officer when he made the traffic in the road even worse than it was. The incident was videotaped by another driver while they were on their way from Baguio to Ilocos, and this has happened along the San Fernando City La Union diversion road.

Instead of running on the same right lane, the driver decided to overtake the car ahead of him and dared to drive on the counterflow lane amidst the heavy traffic. The driver, who had no knowledge that the car he was to overtake was actually a police mobile patrol, stopped the car as the police mobile patrol blocked its way. The Traffic Management Officer then got out from the car and approached the driver.

The video does not show the story thereafter, and as to what happened with the driver and police officer. But, I am sure enough that the police officer would impose the proper sanction towards the violation, and the driver should again undergo driving sessions so he would be firmly reminded of the government rules and policies on the road for safety.

The video posted on the Facebook page has 839K views and draws many different reactions and personal opinions from the viewers.


Please watch the video below: