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This Guy Picks A Wrong Fight With A Man Better Than Him [WATCH]

This video of a sudden fight gives you a perfect moment to think twice if your planning to do something fun for yourself. And, take it as a daily reminder from now on. The video was uploaded in January this year on LiveLeak site, and has gone viral for one damn obvious reason.

The guy had picked a sudden fight with a wrong man. But little did he know, the man is actually way to much better than him when it comes to street fighting. With those ‘knockout’ punches and strong kicks everywhere, this damn guy had no way to escape and had finally learned he made a big mistake choosing a wrong person of trying to make fun for himself.

While the man was trying to ignore those shit thrown to him, it turned out that those little spanks from the guy are getting way too much annoying until this young man had finally made his way to take his perfectly satisfying revenge. So much of the play, the annoyed man, raging in anger, finally used his techniques in street fighting and gave lesson to this guy, leaving him lying so weak on the ground.

The video caught too much attention from the viewers since it was uploaded and has been shared to many different social media sites. Some viewers expressed their personal opinions and feedback towards the incident.

One commenter said: “Damn that must feel satisfying.”

Another said: “thats how to deal with an annoying blowfly”

Below are some of the best comments we can read on the video post:

That was one of the most satisfying videos I have seen in a while.
I really like it when someone who STARTS a confrontation that the other person clearly didn’t want to be a part of gets their ASS BEAT. lolol Beautiful video!”

“That guy actually lost a shoe while kicking someone’s ass.
Then he put it back on, and kicked some more ass. Thank you, LiveLeak.”

Please watch the video for yourself!